'Singularities' is Dominic Mooney's trademark for his science fiction roleplaying game. All rights reserved. ©2008-2012

'Wordplay' is a trademark of Wordplay Games and used with permission.

2013 - the year it all happens

Well, first of all Happy New Year to you all! We had a quiet one, aside from the fireworks waking the kids at midnight.

So, this year should be interesting – Mark Galeotti and I have been challenged by Graham Spearing, Wordplay’s creator, to get both our games into print. So, once I’ve done some tidying for BITS on my latest project for them then I need to make sure I keep focussed on Singularities. I spent some time yesterday pillaging New Scientist Magazine for articles that give inspiration (I have more scenarios to write). It feels much better now the 2 foot pile of magazines have gone!

I’ll try and keep this more updated in future.

Back from Continuum

I spent the last weekend at Continuum, a role-playing convention held in Leicester in the UK. Over the weekend, I ran two games set in the Singularities universe, and playing in another Wordplay engined game. The feedback was generally very good, and it’s motivated me to start to work towards the publication of Singularities.

I’ve a myriad of things to resolve - artwork (although I already have a cover from the very talented Steff Worthington), publication route and most challengingly, a complete re-write and expansion of the text that already exists. However, for now I’m happy to be motivated once more. I also have a challenge to beat Mark Galeotti’s Wordplay Engined ‘Renaissance Clockpunk Italian’ game to market, from a challenge we gave each other

And if you’re interested in what Wordplay is, there’s presently a promotion on the rulebook running via Lulu.com (link here).